Water Site of Ngaminya by Ningura Napurrula

Ningura Napurrula 'Women's Ceremony' 121 x122cm.jpg
Ningura Napurrula 'Women's Ceremony' 121 x122cm.jpg

Water Site of Ngaminya by Ningura Napurrula


Ningura Napurrula c.1938 - d.2013

Acrylic on canvas

122 x 122cm

©Ningura Napurrula/Aboriginal Artists Agency

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Renowned artist Ningura Napurrula is one of Australia's foremost artists. Her distinctive, dynamic, linear work further is enhanced by heavy application of paint.

Ningura was born in Watulka south of Kiwirrkura community in the Gibson desert of Western Australia. She moved to Papunya during the early days of settlement with her husband Yala Yala Gibbs Tjungurrayi who was one of the first to paint for Geoffrey Bardon in the early 70's instigating what would be known as the birth of the aboriginal art movement.

Ningura's work has also deservedly found it's way in to pivotal moments, adorning a ceiling in Paris's Musée du quai Branly and is also present in major private and public collections worldwide.

Australian Art Collector magazine (No.37) named Ningura Napurrula as one of Australia's most important and collectable artists.

This painting depicts designs associated with the Women’s ceremonies at the rock hole site and soakage water site of Ngaminya, to the south of Kiwirrkurra. The roundels are the rock holes and the campsites where the women have gathered for ceremony and the surrounding design are the rocky hills and outcrops of the area.


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