Tali, Sandhills by George Tjungarrayi (alias Hairbrush)

George 'Hairbrush' Tjungurrayi 'Red Tali' 122 x 123cm .jpg
George 'Hairbrush' Tjungurrayi 'Red Tali' 122 x 123cm .jpg

Tali, Sandhills by George Tjungarrayi (alias Hairbrush)


George Tjungarrayi (alias Hairbrush)  c.1947

Acrylic on canvas

122 x 123cm

© George Tjungarrayi (alias Hairbrush) licensed by Aboriginal Artists Agency Ltd

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This painting is of the wind markings in the sandhills of the desert.  George Tjungurrayi was born in Pintupi country across the Western Australia border circa 1947.  He began painting in West Camp in Papunya around 1976 for Papunya Tula Artists and continued painting while residing at Yai Yai, Warawa, Mount Liebig and Kintore.  His ancestral country covers the sites around Wala Wala, Kiwirrkura, Lake Mackay, Kulkuta, Karku, Ngaluwinyamana and Kilpinya to the north-west of Kintore.  George paints the Tingari stories for this region,


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