Soakage Water of Kirrimalunya by George Ward Tjungurrayi

#George_War_Tjungurrayi_Water Soakge of Kirrimalunya_182x152cm.jpg
#George_War_Tjungurrayi_Water Soakge of Kirrimalunya_182x152cm.jpg

Soakage Water of Kirrimalunya by George Ward Tjungurrayi


George Ward Tjungurrayi c.1940

152 x 182cm

Acrylic on canvas

© George Ward Tjungurrayi licensed by Aboriginal Artists Agency Ltd


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This painting depicts the claypans of the water soakage area of Kirrimalunya on the Country of the artist's father which is to the north of Kiwurrkura in Western Australia. There was water  in this area and it was used by the Tingari Men as they travelled through the area, headed to Kaakuratintja (Lake McDonald) where Tingari rituals were held. The lines in the painting are representative of the sand dunes and the colour blocked area, water soakages.

The Tingari Men were ancestral beings who travelled over the Western Desert forming the land and creating rituals. They were followed by initiated novices who were taught laws and ceremonies and also followed by women and children . The travels of the Tingari are recounted in a multitude of song cycles but most knowledge and business of the Tingari remain in a highly secretive domain, privy only to senior men of the appropriate level of society and cannot be disclosed or recounted.

Along travels of the Tingari, ceremonies were held, adventures and adversity were experienced, often resulting in the creation of various sites and topographical features. The more public songs and stories provide valuable instruction for survival and navigating the desert, gathering and preparing of bush foods.

2004 - The Wynne Landscape Prize, Art Gallery of New South Wales

National Gallery of Victoria

Museum of Victoria, Melbourne

Art Gallery of South Australia                             


Groninger Museum, Groningen

Robert Holmes à Court Collection, Perth

Supreme Court of the Northern Territory, Darwin