Love Story by Judy Napangardi Watson

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Love Story by Judy Napangardi Watson


Judy Napangardi Watson 1925 - 2016

Signed limited edition print #87/99

Image 76 x 56cm

Medium : Screenprint. Opaque print on seven acetates

Paper : Arches BFK

Studio : Basil Hall Editions, Darwin NT

Image and text courtesy of Australian Art Network

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"At Mina Mina, women were living and having women's ceremony also at Warlpalpa (soakage water). The Napangardi/Napurrula women were weaving Jirnjirla (white feather) around their head. The old man named Jarlkirjarlki Jakamarra was watching them from his country Munyuparnti-parhti, near Mount Dennison. So he went up to them and took them towards the east. Jakamarra took them to a place called Yalankirri that is in Alawarri Country. The Jakamarra was singing love songs for them and so he left them at Yalankirri, while he was singing he made the ladies put their hands behind their backs. The ladies stopped at this place called Yalankirri forever and Jajamarra Jarlkijarlki came back to Munyuparnti-parnti. Before Jakamarra man took the women east, the women made a big wee at Munyuparnti-parnti and they made a big hole in the groundand this hole is called Munyuparnti-parnti and in this story also the Jakamarra was rubbing his hand on his private parts so he could have all the women to himself."


Aboriginal Art Museum, Utrech
Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney
Flinders University Art Museum, Melbourne
Gordon Darling Foundation, Canberra
Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Darwin
National Gallery of Australia, Canberra
National Gallery of Victoria
South Australian Museum, Adelaide