Kayimwagakimi Jilamara by Raelene Kerinauia

Raelene Kerinauia_Kayimwagakimi_ 70 x 90cm.jpeg
Raelene Kerinauia_Kayimwagakimi_ 70 x 90cm.jpeg

Kayimwagakimi Jilamara by Raelene Kerinauia


Raelene Kerinauia b. 1962

Ochre on linen

70 x 90cm

©Raelene Kerinauaia / Copyright Agency 2019

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“This is how I feel like painting. I started the comb in the nineties. Well I’d decided to paint with the comb. I saw Pedro. James [James Tipiloura,a carver and Raelene’s partner] made me one when I started working with comb. I use one colour at a time. Some people paint up body and face with comb.”

The compositions Raelene creates are personal creative expressions, without literal meaning, but they do relate to body painting and design for pukumani poles.It is not an inherited design.“It’s imagination but it’s not new”.

Raelene started her artistic career as a fabric screen printer creating animal prints, and graphic designs to print on fabric. She moved on to brushwork using ochres on canvas and ultimately to her fine comb work for which she is recognised.

Raelene’s compositions are thought out while the canvas is blank, she looks and thinks of her design and by the time she has painted the base colour she already knows where her other colours will be placed to create the final effect.“Paint the background and then think about it. Each comb is different. I paint the red comb line first, then red (angle) leave it gap, red, leave it, red, red, red.”