Gurlabal by Tommy Carroll

Tommy Carroll 'Nganjiwarr Country' 120 x 180cm .jpg
Tommy Carroll 'Nganjiwarr Country' 120 x 180cm .jpg

Gurlabal by Tommy Carroll


Tommy Carroll  b.1956

180 x 120cm

Natural ochre and pigment on canvas

Catalogue # WAC164/10

© Tommy Carroll/Copyright Agency 2018 

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Tommy Carroll has painted his father's country around Doon Doon in Western Australia.  This place is about 90 kilometres north of Warmun and traditionally owned by Tommy's family.  Tommy has depicted here a place on this country where the water snake - Gurlabal - entered the earth in the Ngarrangkarni (Dreaming).  The strong sinuous forms in the centre of the canvas are the hills surrounding two caves where the snake emerged from the returned to the ground.

Tommy carroll's work are often dark and brooding.  He uses heavy concentrations of black charcoal and red natural ochres.  The majority of Carroll's painting derive from stories near or around Doon Doon Station and primarily associated with the Ngarrangkarni (Dreaming).


Australian National Gallery, Canberra

Artbank Australia

Parliament Collection, Canberra, ACT

Private Collections - Australia and Switzerland