EDITION RUG 'Tjukula Tjuta - Many Rock Holes' design by Iwana Ken


EDITION RUG 'Tjukula Tjuta - Many Rock Holes' design by Iwana Ken


151 x 89cm

Limited edition rug  #4/50

Hand made piece, chain stitched, hand dyed wool, heavy cotton backing. 

91 x 152cm

This design is taken from an original painting entitled Tjukula Tjuta - Many Rock Holes by Iwana Ken who states " There are many rock holes near Puni Puni's country. This is an important dreaming story for women.  It is close by and south of Aparawilintja.

Iwana Ken is from the Pitjantjatjara language group, Anangu/Pitjantjatjara/Yankunyjatjara Lands, in the far north west of South Australia.                                                                                             Iwana was born on these lands into a small family group that was largely nomadic.  As a young girl, Iwana travelled with her family throughout the country with her parents, learning how to find 'bush tucker' (native foods) such as rabbits, kangaroo, goanna and bush berries.

This beautiful piece is a result of a cross-cultural collaboration through Better World Arts combining Aboriginal designs and traditional Kashmiri rug making techniques.  Purchase of their work directly benefits the artists and their communities.  Control and ownership of intellectual property are also maintained.    

Test courtesy of Better World Arts

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