CUSHION cover 'Walka' design by Mulikuyu Ken

CUSHION cover 'Walka' design by Mulikuyu Ken


40 x 40cm

The design for this cushion cover from an original painting by Mulikuyu Ken. The style of art is known as 'Walka'. Walka refers to any meaningful mark or pattern and is a style which is unique to the Aboriginal women artists of the Pitjantjatjara/Yankunytjatjara Lands in remote, north-west South Australia. The different forms of the desert landscape have a great impact on the artists' use of colour and image construction. The imagery is influenced by culture and land from which it draws it's origins. Specific titles, however, are seldom given to 'walka' artwork.

Hand dyed, chain stitched wool finished with a heavy cotton backing. This cushion cover is born of a cross cultural collaboration between Aboriginal artists and traditional Kashmiri weavers through Better World Arts, certified 'Fair Traders of Australia'.

Purchase of this cushion cover directly benefits the artists and and their communities, control and ownership of intellectual property are also maintained.

Text courtesy of Better World Arts

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